We Cure Viral Diseases with Non-Pathogenic Viruses!


HepC, Inc. is focused on unmet medical needs such as treatment of decompensated hepatitis patients waiting for liver transplants and adjuvant treatment of hepatitis in hepatocellular cancer patients with fragile liver function. HepC’s revolutionary, clinically tested viral superinfection technological platform is based on the non-pathogenic attenuated double stranded RNA (dsRNA) infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV), a master activator of antiviral gene responses. Viral superinfection can also be leveraged for the postexposure treatment of serious viral infections.


“Hepatitis infection is often abolished following accidental superinfection by another hepatitis virus. In cases when both
viruses are pathogenic, like HBV and HCV, hepatitis persists. However, the patient may benefit from superinfection with
an attenuated non-pathogenic dsRNA virus such as the avian infectious bursal disease virus.
A large number of patients
on liver transplantation waiting lists are dying. Adult-to-adult living donor liver organ transplantation has increasingly been
carried out in Europe and in the USA putting the health of living donors at risk when the clinically tested safe and efficient
IBDV superinfection therapy could be registered in a short period of time.”

~ Tibor Bakacs, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., Chief Scientific Officer