We Cure Viral Diseases with Non-Pathogenic Viruses!

Drug Discovery

As the world faces the major threats of emerging or reemerging organisms, increased drug resistance, and
the intentional or unintentional spread of virulent pathogens, we have three critical advances that will enable
further action: increased societal commitment on a global scale; new technologies that allow us to work
better, faster, and cheaper; and successes, ranging from better control of EVD in Uganda to the rapid and
effective response to H7N9 influenza in China

Frieden et al. N Engl J Med (2014) 371(13):1177

HepC leverages its clinically tested SIT technology platform for the safe, effective, widely affordable treatment of life threatening viral diseases, like dengue and Ebola virus infections in resource limited settings. IBDV is not known to be a hazard in transmitting to any other species than domestic fowl, despite its worldwide distribution. Furthermore, the vaccine strain of HepC's IBDV drug candidate (R903/78) is harmless in chickens as well.

In addition to the select drug discovery and development programs highlighted in other sections, HepC has a significant internal exploratory effort focused on new target identification and technology development. The most important potential new target diseases are pandemic influenza (Flu), West Nile virus (WNV), dengue virus (DENV) and Ebola virus (EDV) infections. HepC also suggested that its technological platform could also be exploited in HIV infections as well. HepC is confident that the dsRNA virus based SIT technological platform can be used to save lives of EVD infected people by reducing viral loads at the initial critical infectious period.